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New Tonometer

February 7th 2018

Author: Dr Fiona Le Surf

Here at North Hill Vet we regularly update our equipment in order to offer the best standard of diagnostics and treatments for our animal patients. Our latest addition is an iCare Tonovet Plus tonometer which is a tool to measure the pressure inside the eyeball. If you’ve ever seen an ophthalmologist or an optometrist it’s highly likely you’ve had your own intraocular pressure (IOP) measured.

Measuring IOP is an essential part in the workup of many eye conditions. Increased IOP is glaucoma which is painful and if left undetected and treated, can lead to vision, and even eye, loss. Glaucoma is often an emergency condition.

Generally, measuring IOP is a procedure well-tolerated by animals. The lightweight probe makes momentary contact with the cornea; a split second that gives an amazing amount of information into potential disease processes.