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What our clients are saying

I'm so thankful for the North Hill Vet Clinic. My dog had to be rushed in tonight for a c section and they were so kind they even picked her up and dropped her off for me as I'm a single mother of two with no licence. No words can describe how thankful and appreciative I am because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have my girl and her ten gorgeous puppies with me right now. Thankyou North Hill Vets!

Jess (via Facebook) - February 2019

Saved my best friend. I was preparing for the worst and they gave me the best possible outcome!

Eponeah (via Facebook) - January 2019

Always a helpful place

Greg (via Facebook) - January 2019

Friendly and compassionate service.

Colin (via Google) - December 2018

5 Stars *****

Tammy (via Google) - December 2018

Wonderful vets, wonderful vet nurses, wonderful staff... very caring of both patients and people!

Mary (via Facebook) - October 2018

Definately my choice in Armidale.

Sarah (via Google) - October 2018

A wonderful veterinarian group .. Dedicated staff .. I recommend to my friends.

Janet (via Facebook) - September 2018

Thank you Hannah and Sarah for your care and kindness during a very sad & hard time.

Toni (via Facebook) - June 2018

Easter Sunday and North Hill Vet Clinic have gone above and beyond for the welfare of one of their smaller patients. I cannot thank you enough for your caring service.....I now have a happier dog who can eat, drink and wag her tail!!! Thank you again......and Happy Easter.

Kate W (via Facebook) - April 2018

Always helpful and friendly.

David R (via Google) - March 2018

Great service and care

Allana S (via Google) - March 2018

Always caring and kind.

Raif (via Google) - February 2018

Huge thank you to North Hill Vet Clinic for taking care of my cat after he got bitten by a snake! You guys were excellent.

Eryn (via Facebook) - January 2018

So grateful for the team @northhillvet. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of (me and) my furry family members.

Lynette (via Facebook) - December 2017

A caring place to take your four legged friends.

Brian Simpson (via Google) - November 2017

Thank you to all the kind and caring staff at North Hill Vets. Especially for my 2 beautiful doggies Bonny and Freckles.

Kerry Fraser (Via Facebook) - October 2017

Great vets, so good with our pets. Have used them for 14 years.

Jim Ridley (Via Google) - October 2017

Always great service at North Hill Vet Clinic. Caring and compassionate.

Caroline (via Facebook) - September 2017

I cannot thank everybody at North Hill Vet Clinic enough – we took our two guardian maremma dogs (Joe and Annie) to get desexed here last Friday - something we were not looking forward to, given they are normally so protective of us and their calves – we had to travel 1.5 hours to get them both there which was no easy feat, however when we arrived at the clinic they made the whole experience so easy and took the stress out of it for us. We were able to drop them off right at the back door and they were even allowed to stay in overnight. They are now recovering really well. Thanks so much everyone!

Kathy (via Facebook) - August 2017

Thank you for taking my precious Sadie in the middle of the night even though it was too late.

Victoria (via - May 2017

Saved our much loved labrador Buddy. Still providing loving care to Buddy and more recently our cat Indie. All of the staff are lovely. True animal lovers!

Cassandra (via Facebook) - April 2017

My Beagle boys were in today for teeth cleaning & as always, everyone was lovely. Thank you for always caring so well for our furry family!

Bron (via Facebook) - April 2017

Customer service like it was 50yrs ago where your pet is the no 1 client. I wouldn't go anywhere else after 14yrs.

Karl (via Facebook) - April 2017

Fit me in even though they where very busy, friendly staff, fantastic help, great advice and more than happy to answer all my questions. The vet was so friendly and gentle with my cat, very reassuring. Would recommend to anyone

Teresa (via Facebook) - April 2017

Always helpful and friendly.

Paul (via Google) - April 2017

Very kind and caring. Would highly recommend the vets there!

Vicki (via Facebook) - March 2017

The best vet clinic in Armidale by far. Staff are always so helpful & caring!

Abby (via Facebook) - January 2017

I can't say enough great things about Sarah and the team. They always go above and beyond the call of duty, and are a pleasure to deal with.

Courtney Woodford - October 2016

It's been a while since I've been to this vet clinic (as I've moved away from Armidale) but I have yet to find a vet that is as awesome as these guys, particularly Emma. They were compassionate, very well priced, friendly and lovely to work with.

Dani Prebensen - October 2016

Travelling through Armidale and needed vet assistance. Highly recommend North Hill Vet. Very professional and helpful. Thank you.

Kerrie Johnston - October 2016

Great caring and professional service. Highly recommend them

Sally Mulligan - August 2016

Can't say enough good things about the whole team, I'm a new dog owner and they are very helpful with any and all enquiries. Very good with my pup aswell. And very friendly.

Sam Bowden - February 2016

The vets at North Hill tried very gallantly to save my sister's dog from dog attack injuries and I can't recommend them enough. They are great communicators and very compassionate. It was good to know he had the best care, despite the sad outcome.

Nicole Lobry de Bruyn - December 2015

We unfortunately have had a lot of our pets need some very immediate help and north hill veterinary clinic have always gone above and beyond. They have kept us in the loop no matter what the time and explain everything in terms we can understand. they even took one of our pets home so they could monitor her over night. We are very grateful to have such comitted, honest and knowledgable vets

Gordon Cooke - June 2015