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Sleeping Outside

May 23rd 2018

Author: Sarah Butler

Some dogs spend part or all their time outdoors, and when it’s cold they need somewhere warm to sleep. Whether your dog sleeps next to the back door or in a kennel, the area you select should have a sturdy roof to protect them from rain. A covered back patio or deck is fine, but make sure there is also protection from the wind.

If you’re shopping for a kennel, make sure to carefully choose the right size. Your dog must be able to stand up, lie down and turn around in their kennel, but don’t be tempted to buy a larger kennel than necessary. A smaller sleeping space will keep them cosier than a spacious kennel because it’s easier for their body heat to warm the area inside.

Ideally, the kennel should have short legs to keep the bottom off the ground. Many kennels are made of timber, but a sturdy plastic or metal one may be easier to clean and disinfect. Remember that position is important, and your pooch will appreciate being close to your home and family rather than isolated in a far corner of the back yard.

 Your dog will also appreciate something soft and warm to sleep on. This could be a padded bed or cushion, on the patio or in the kennel. A thick pile of newspaper in the kennel will insulate against the cold and can be easily replaced when it gets dirty. Some dogs enjoy burrowing in a blanket to stay warm but be sure to check the blanket regularly to make sure it hasn’t become wet and uncomfortable.

 When you choose a snoozing spot for your four-legged family member, make sure it meets these requirements, so your pet can spend their nights being cosy, warm and comfortable.