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Pocket Pets

What about a Goldfish?

21st February 2020
If you’re not quite ready for pets of the furry variety, then a goldfish might be an excellent start to animal ownership. But would you be prepared for fish? You might think owning goldfish is as easy as filling a bowl with water and feeding them from time to time. But if you want your fish t ... read more

A new feathered friend

17th May 2019
If you’d prefer a pet that didn’t slobber, shed, or eat you out of house and home, then a bird could be the animal for you. While Australia is very much a country of dog and cat lovers, there is still room for bird lovers who prefer feathered pets to furry ones. Birds have a lot of love to give ... read more

The Appeal of Rodents

12th November 2018
There’s no denying that cats and dogs are the most popular household pets, but what about the understated rat or mouse? Here’s why introducing a pet rodent into your home could be the right move to make. Clean and tidy Contrary to what you’ve probably been led to believe, mice and rats are e ... read more

Caring for guinea pigs in hot weather

19th February 2018
Guinea pigs are a popular pet for young children. They are small, relatively easy to handle and have a sweet nature. However, these little creatures can struggle to keep cool in warm, humid weather particularly if they’re a little overweight or have a heavy fur coat. Heat stroke is a real risk a ... read more

Bunnies aren't an Easter gift

15th March 2016
With Easter coming up, rabbits move into the spotlight a bit with all the cutesy photos and their appeal skyrockets. However, like all pets, rabbits still require time and commitment. They are social animals (they do live in families in their natural environment) that require attention, care, inter ... read more


18th February 2016
These little packets of personality aren't for everyone. But they're pretty cute to most people. Ferrets were traditionally kept as hunting animals, but have since moved mostly to pets, though some still work for their tucker. Ferrets can be housed in relatively small cages as long as they are all ... read more

Rats and Mice

4th February 2016
These guys can make excellent pets for people with little space for larger pets, are somewhat mobility challenged, or don't relish the idea of having a larger pet to care for. They can be very affectionate and rarely bite if socialised properly as youngsters. They do like company, so do better with ... read more

Guinea Pigs

25th January 2016
These guys are pretty low maintenance as well, but again husbandry is the key to their happiness. Guinea Pigs originated in the jungles of South America where they were, and still are, a staple food source. They are very social, and do best in groups or pairs (not as solitary pets). They are quite ... read more


21st January 2016
Rabbits are fast gaining popularity as easy-care pets, though I don't think they'll ever be as popular as they are in the UK owing to the fact most people here have a decent backyard which allows a dog. But for those with minimal yard space, or no yard, they can be rewarding pets; but they do need p ... read more