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What about a Goldfish?

21st February 2020

If you’re not quite ready for pets of the furry variety, then a goldfish might be an excellent start to animal ownership. But would you be prepared for fish?

You might think owning goldfish is as easy as filling a bowl with water and feeding them from time to time. But if you want your fish to reach their full lifespan and be healthy, you need to ensure they thrive in their new environment. Here’s how

Buy healthy fish

Sometimes, new goldfish die because they are already sick. Select goldfish with vibrant colours, erect fins, and no lumps and bumps. Signs of sick fish may include sinking to the bottom or rising to the surface, clamped fins, or trails of excrement.

Choose the right tank

Bigger is better, and your tank should have a volume of no less than 50 litres. Its length should be at least four times your adult fish body length, the width at twice its length, and the height at three times its length.

Filter and aerate

Fish eat a lot, so it’s only natural that they expel a lot too. Ensure you have an adequate filtration and aeration system. Add plants to help absorb waste and provide a natural
environment for your fish. Ask what your local pet store recommends.


Goldfish might not need obedience training or grooming, but their tanks
require maintenance. You should change approximately 10 percent of the tank water weekly, and clean gravel to remove waste. If you replace it with tap water, use a water conditioner to
neutralise the chemicals. Wipe down algae from the glass with an aquarium sponge, and regularly test the water for nitrate levels and ammonia.

Owning goldfish may be less labour intensive than a cat or dog, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require any care. Before you buy your new finned friends, talk to aquarium experts to find out what you need to keep them happy and healthy