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Bush Heritage Australia - Life on Bon Bon

12th November 2019
Bon Bon Station Reserve in South Australia is home to some pretty amazing plants and animals.  The nearest store is 180 kilometers away, the summers are hot and the days are long. But for Kate and Clint Taylor, life on Bon Bon is worth it. Please watch this beautiful video from Bush Heritage A ... read more

Baby Possum - Ellie

27th March 2018
We had a special surgery yesterday afternoon on a very cute furry friend. This little baby possum Ellie presented to the clinic on Saturday with a broken leg. Craig and Hannah worked through the afternoon to correct it using a pin. Little Ellie was soon awake and tucking into her banana once again. ... read more

Support for wildlife in the Summer heat

21st December 2017
We may think that because many of our wildlife species are native to this country they have adapted to our climate conditions. Adaptation however, may not be enough during a severe summer heat wave and wild creatures can suffer from heat stress too. Providing water is an effective way of suppor ... read more

Safe from Snakes

1st December 2016
Summer is here! The heat is hot on our heels and while our beloved tablelands keep us cooler than a lot of places, there is no shortage of the dangers that the season can present to our pets. Here at the clinic we have had quite a few dogs present already having been bitten by snakes. What can you ... read more

Baby birds fallen out of their nest

11th December 2015
These little guys are hidden in my hedge. Spring time is baby time! If you find a baby bird, you can try putting it back in the nest (birds have a poor sense of smell and will not reject it because you have touched it). Alternatively you can watch to see if the parents are caring for it and if it's ... read more

Eastern Longneck Turtles

22nd October 2015
It's that time of year again when we see Eastern Longneck Turtles traversing the land in search for new homes. This adventure often puts them in the path of cars as they (slowly) cross the roads, especially after rain. Please!! look out for them, they are a native species and essential to the healt ... read more

Snake Bites and your Pets

14th September 2015
It is the start of the snakebite season, so we will look at the common snakes you might run into here and what they do to your pet. RED BELLIED BLACK SNAKE is a fairly common but very shy snake. They are black on top with pink or red scaling underneath. They have a small head. Black snakes are gene ... read more

Magpie Season

31st August 2015
Here are a couple of studies done on the different magpie 'repellents'. The results are interesting to say the least! But it might provide some ideas to help everyone live together happily for the next few months. CSIRO Report They do fall into the category of ravens and crows which are known to h ... read more