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Safe from Snakes

1st December 2016

Summer is here! The heat is hot on our heels and while our beloved tablelands keep us cooler than a lot of places, there is no shortage of the dangers that the season can present to our pets. Here at the clinic we have had quite a few dogs present already having been bitten by snakes.

What can you do now to ensure your pet stays safe?

  1. The first thing you can do is prepare financially. Particularly if you have a dog that loves going after prey, sooner or later you will probably encounter this hazard and it is not a cheap thing to treat! Antivenom is expensive and while it may seem easy to identify the snake, it's not as cut and dried as what colour it is, so in most cases they will need a multi-venom. It's a great idea to have pet insurance but at the least having a bit of savings squared away or a credit card ready is a good place to start.
  2. Make sure you keep your lawns and edges nice and short and keep areas snakes might hide barricaded off from your dogs. Preferably, in the hottest parts of the day, keep your pets locked away or in pens or crates where they are less likely to go exploring and get into trouble.
  3. Know your vet's number and have it handy so if the worst happens, you can alert them that you are on your way in and they can begin preparing for your arrival. If your pet is acting strangely and you think there is a chance they may have had access to a snake, it's important you keep a very close eye on them and get them to a vet if you are worried.

The picture below shows clearly the break down of red blood cells causing a port wine colour urine and a red colour to the blood serum which would normally be clear.