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Yea or neigh?

16th October 2018
Even if you have enough land for a horse to graze, how ready are you really for horse ownership? Many children, and even adults, dream of owning a horse. After all, they look like so much fun in the movies. However, while horse ownership can be rewarding, it can also be a lot of hard work. Are you ... read more

First Aid For Your Horse

9th May 2017
Basic First Aid Accidents with large animals occur all the time whether they have gained cuts from barbed wire, trodden on something or ended up stuck. Having a first aid kit on hand is very important to ensure you can give your horse essential first aid. General cuts and scratches Rinse with sa ... read more

New Hendra Developments

24th October 2015
Hendra Vaccination has been a source of contention amongst the equine owner population. Some are for, some are against, some are on the fence. So I thought I'd put some information out from our perspective and open a (civil) discussion about this, so that everyone can be informed. Firstly, Hendra i ... read more