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Vaccination run for working dogs

26th April 2022
Attention owners of Working Dogs! We are doing a vaccination run to attempt to vaccinate as many of the working dogs from properties as we can. Vaccinations are essential to preventing the spread of some truly awful diseases such as parvo and distemper. Even if your dogs don't leave your property ... read more

Hydrating the hounds: identifying safe drinking water

18th October 2021
Most dogs don’t detect if water sources are safe or unsafe. They’ll drink from any source, and in most instances there are no bad health effects. However, some water types  can put them at risk of illness. Pool Water A dog can view a swimming pool as one giant water bowl. As most ... read more

Preventing Winter Ailments in your Dog

21st June 2021
People can find they suffer from chills, colds, and the flu during the winter season. Did you know winter illnesses can also affect your pets? Respiratory Illnesses While there are differences in the types of viruses that infect humans, the symptoms are similar: sneezing, coughing, runny or stuffy ... read more

A Shocking Method of Training Dogs

18th May 2021
Electric shock dog collars are now banned in many countries and some parts of Australia. The Australian Veterinary Association does not support their use. Do you know why?Electric shock collars – also called e-collars and training collars – are behaviour-modifying tools designed to deliv ... read more

Rat Bait Poisonings in Pets

22nd April 2021
Due to the current mouse plague that is engulfing our countryside we have been seeing a huge number of rat bait poisonings in pets. Most forms of rat bait poison stop the body from recycling vitamin-K, an essential ingredient for blood clotting, and therefore stop animals from being able to clot blo ... read more

Dealing with dementia

20th April 2021
It’s estimated that over 400,000 Australians have dementia, but did you know our pets do too? Quality veterinary treatment means our pets are living longer, fuller lives. With longer lives comes age-related conditions such as dementia. Also known as cognitive dysfunction, this condition caus ... read more

How to introduce a dog and cat

22nd March 2021
Many people would like to own more than one pet, but the thought of introducing a cat and dog to each other can seem a little daunting. Despite the stereotype that cats and dogs are arch enemies, they can live together in harmony. It just takes hard work, patience and consistency. Here are five ti ... read more

Time to tackle training

12th February 2021
A well-behaved dog doesn’t happen by accident − it takes training, consistency, and perseverance. Could it be time to start training with your four-legged friend? Aside from providing mental stimulation, training is something that can benefit your dog throughout their lifetime. The earl ... read more

Don't use your car as a kennel

12th January 2021
As the mercury rises across Australia, pet owners are being reminded not to leave their dogs in vehicles. The Australian Veterinary Association advises how dangerous this is. The temperature inside stationary vehicles can quickly exceed outside temperatures – even with the windows opened a li ... read more

Keeping your dog safe this swimming season

23rd December 2020
There’s no better way to cool off this summer than with a swim, but what are you doing to keep your dog safe in the water? You would manage hazards while your children are swimming, and it’s crucial to do the same for water-loving dogs. Whether you’re going to the beach, a dip in ... read more

Save your puppy from Parvovirus

19th October 2020
Canine parvovirus kills thousands of puppies in Australia every year. Are your dogs safe? Canine parvovirus (CPV), which is more commonly known as ‘parvo’, is a highly infectious disease with often fatal consequences. It’s a viral illness that impacts a dog’s villous atroph ... read more

The dos and don'ts of a dog's dinner

12th October 2020
Many dogs will eat almost anything, but that doesn’t mean they should. Here�s what makes a decent dog’s dinner. Domesticated dogs are carnivores, but the average dog needs a well-rounded and high-quality diet to keep them in peak physical condition. The foundation of a dog’s di ... read more

The truth is not all black and white

19th August 2020
For many years, people were led to believe that dogs could only see in black and white. In fact, many people still think that today. In reality however, a dog’s eyesight might not be too different from your own. There has been much speculation over the years regarding what a dog can and can’t s ... read more

Is that dress causing stress?

10th August 2020
  Many pet owners love dressing up their pets for different occasions, but how does your pet feel about it? When you’ve found a cute outfit for your dog, cat, horse, or other animal, it’s tempting to put it on them for the inevitable social media fame to follow. People love seeing pets dress ... read more

Home Alone - Dog Edition

15th May 2020
Have you introduced a new puppy into the family? Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety? Don’t let a social outing become a stressful situation. Here’s how to make your dog comfortable in your absence. It doesn’t matter whether you have a puppy, an older dog, or a rescue ... read more

Being Chewsy with Chew Toys

20th March 2020
Not every chew toy is going to be suitable for every dog. So, what can your dog have? While chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs, there are various reasons for it that should be investigated before you decide on a chew toy. Are they bored or anxious? Are they playful andinquisitive? Are they yo ... read more

Microchips and missing pets

20th January 2020
Microchipping is mandatory in some Australian states, but some pet owners may be unclear, or unsure about the process. Giving your pet a microchip arms them with a permanent form of electronic identification that they can’t lose. Your pets may have a collar with their name and your phone numb ... read more

Fun & games for your pets

10th January 2020
When you’re running around trying to keep everyone occupied and entertained during the school holidays, it can be easy to forget your pets. They also need stimulation and attention to keep them out of trouble. A bored dog is one that barks, chews, digs, and creates chaos. A few simple, fun hol ... read more

Safe festivities for your furry friends

9th December 2019
December marks the beginning of festivities, with family events and warm sunny days. It’s also the time of year when vets see a lot of pets with health problems caused from the celebrations. The festive season is a time for decorations, family photos, delicious dinners, and parties. Everyone ... read more

Fearful of men? Heres why

20th August 2019
Does your dog cower, run away, or show their dislike of men whenever one enters the room? Find out why and how you can fix the problem. Your dog could have the sweetest nature and the calmest of dispositions, but as soon as a male enters the room, they can become scared, nervous, or even aggressiv ... read more

Why does my dog smell?

12th August 2019
If you find yourself crinkling your nose up as soon as your furry friend walks into the room, it might be time to get to the source of the odour. While it’s true in some cases that a smelly dog has just been rolling in something unfavourable, it’s not always the cause of the problem. In ... read more

Communicating with man's best friend

17th July 2019
Researchers used to think that animals’ facial expressions were unintentional and not used as a way of communication. But that might no longer be the case. Could dog owners be missing important signs? Many people look at their pampered pooches and think about how much easier life would be if ... read more

Helping your elderly pets through winter

20th June 2019
As you load on the layers to make it through another winter, are you sparing a thought for your ageing pets? Help them battle the cold too. Even though winter in Australia can be relatively mild, it’s still important to take care of your ageing pets as they may feel the cold more than most. I ... read more

Canine Cough (Kennel Cough)

21st May 2019
Canine Cough is the name given to a common condition in dogs that affects the throat, trachea (windpipe) and on rare occasions the lungs. It is most commonly characterised by a dry harsh hacking cough. Dogs will often cough so much that they will dry retch and gag, often producing white frothy saliv ... read more

To snuggle or not to snuggle?

4th March 2019
Does your dog snuggle up with you in bed at night? It might be time to reconsider your bedtime habits. There can often be nothing more heartwarming than having your pampered pooch curl up with you in your bed as you drift off to sleep. They’re warm, you’re warm, and everyone iscomfortable. How ... read more

Meet and greet the right way

25th February 2019
Annually, more than 100,000 Australians are victims of dog attacks or harassment. Could not knowing how to approach a dog be a contributing factor? When you find yourself face to face with a cute dog, it can often be hard to resist running up to them and enveloping them in a hug. While you may do ... read more

Fleeing the Fleas

18th February 2019
Fleas tend to enter your home in the warmer months courtesy of your dogs and cats. If you’retired of battling endless flea infestations in summer, it’s time to act now. Spending what should generally be a luxurious summer holiday trying to rid your home of?eas can be a nightmare. If your pet h ... read more

Is it time for a diet?

11th February 2019
If your pampered pooch is beginning to look a little podgy after one too many treats, it might be time for a diet. While helping your overweight dog to lose weight at any time of the year is essential, it’s even more so in summer. An overweight dog has an additional layer of insulation which can ... read more

Safe Summer Fun

7th February 2019
When the summer holidays finally arrive, families and their dogs love nothing more than heading out to the beaches, Dams and lakes for fun in the sun. However, are you aware of the dangers and potential risks in these areas – not only for you but also for your beloved family pet? There’s no den ... read more

Is my dog allergic to grass?

15th November 2018
Seeing your dog frolic through long grass is a pleasing sight to see. It’s happy, its tail is wagging, and it’s getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. However, for some dogs, this small amount of freedom outside can be all it takes to rare up a grass allergy – regardless of how ... read more

Caution with common dog treat

18th September 2018
It’s a well-known fact that Australia is a country of dog lovers, but could choosing to give your dog treats prove fatal? There’s no harm in treating your dog to something different from their standard diet every now and again. After all, who doesn’t like to watch their dog’s eyes light up ... read more

Can my dog get a cold?

16th July 2018
Most people can tell when they are getting a cold. The sniffles start, followed by a raging temperature, hacking cough, and endless dripping nose. But did you know a similar condition exists in the dog world? Canine cough, often to referred to as kennel cough, is a highly contagious upper respirat ... read more

Sleeping Outside

23rd May 2018
Some dogs spend part or all their time outdoors, and when it’s cold they need somewhere warm to sleep. Whether your dog sleeps next to the back door or in a kennel, the area you select should have a sturdy roof to protect them from rain. A covered back patio or deck is fine, but make sure ther ... read more

Dog Chocolate Calculator

19th April 2018
Chocolate Toxicity Calculator for Dogs With the calculator below you can tell how much theobromine and caffeine your pet has ingested. Enter the quantity and the type of chocolate and it will show you what symptoms to expect and whether an emergency vet visit is required. The calculator is a gui ... read more

Australia's most popular dog breeds

18th April 2018
For the past five years the Labrador Retriever has taken top spot as Australia’s most popular dog breed. This is consistent around the world as the breed is well recognised for its outgoing personality, friendliness to both humans and other dogs along with confidence, adaptability, intelligence a ... read more

A dog's treat is not always good to eat!

20th November 2017
Dogs can eat some strange things, and each year the Veterinary Practice News magazine conducts a competition to discover the most unusual item swallowed by an animal. Entrants share x-rays of their pets showing such things as golf balls and fishing rods in their mouths and gastrointestinal tracts. ... read more

Atopic Dermititis in dogs

29th August 2017
Dogs also suffer from seasonal allergies; however, the symptoms differ considerably between dogs and humans. In dogs, seasonal allergies cause a condition known as atopic dermatitis, or atopy. The symptoms of atopy are usually first noticed at specific times of the year. However, as a dog matures, ... read more

Dental Treatment and Anaesthesia

13th April 2017
Some surveys suggest that as many as 85% of dogs have some degree of dental disease by the time they’re three years old. This is a significant health issue for our much loved pets and definitely needs attention. There have been a number of advertisements online recently offering dental treatment ... read more

Dealing with fleas in the cooler months

23rd March 2017
Summer is over but it’s essential that pet owners don’t get complacent about flea control.These blood sucking little parasites can still be a problem for dogs and cats during the cooler months of the year and cause skin itching and infammation. This means you definitely need to continue ... read more

Exercise and Dogs

16th March 2017
Dogs make great walking and running buddies – they’re always available and are usually very keen to get out and about. It’s not surprising to learn that they too enjoy the physical and emotional benefits to exercising. In fact, they experience the same “runner’s high&rd ... read more

Keeping your Dog Cool this Summer

19th January 2017
We all love summer, especially taking the dog out for a walk or run at the local park. But just as you need protection from the sun and heat, so does your dog.   It’s important to know the limits of what your dog can handle and be able to recognise early signs of heat stroke. Heat related illn ... read more

A Dogs Tail

27th October 2016
Dogs are known for their tails but many owners are unaware that these furry masses of bone serve multiple purposes.   The canine tail usually consists of between six and twenty-three highly mobile vertebrae. These vertebrae are encased in muscles that make the various segments, especially the ... read more

Paralysis Ticks

22nd September 2016
Spring marks the start of the paralysis tick season, so now is the time to be extra vigilant protecting and checking your pets for ticks. Most cases are seen in cats and dogs but other species can be affected too, including humans. Paralysis ticks are parasites that feed on animals. They are very ... read more


8th July 2016
Fancy a Holiday? It is the winter school holiday season for many fortunate folk! Embarking on a road trip with your furry friends or leaving them behind can be stressful – but it doesn’t have to be. Asking the right questions and knowing what is important to you can help you decide on the righ ... read more

Choker Chains

22nd May 2016
Choker Chains in dogs are pretty popular, but 9 out of 10 times used completely incorrectly. In all honesty I can rarely see a need for a choker, or check chain. Although choker chain may be a more appropriate name for how they are used most of the time, the correct name is Check Chain as it is id ... read more

Doggy Dementia

6th May 2016
Also known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction and Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, Doggy Dementia has many parallels with early human Parkinson's disease and Dementia. It also extends to cats as well, though dogs have been more closely studied. Signs of brain degeneration are evident in dogs from as y ... read more

Kennel Cough

26th April 2016
There has been a minor outbreak of kennel cough in dogs in the district. I have also been informed that one of the local kennels is in self-imposed quarantine due to KC rearing it's ugly head in a dog in care there. KC is caused by two organisms. Firstly, an influenza virus attacks the lining of th ... read more

Dog to Dog Introductions

6th April 2016
Alrighty. Today I'm going to talk about dog to dog introductions. This is especially important at off-leash areas. You'll own one of three kinds of dogs: The more timid dog who has a closed circle of friends, The chilled dog who's happy to be friends with everyone, or; The bully who goes around ... read more

Introductions to an unfamiliar dog

29th March 2016
A lot of people know how to safely interact with a dog or cat, but a lot of people also don't, and don't realise they are inadvertently increasing stress levels. Besides firstly asking the owner if the animal is ok to pat, the way you approach an animal can make a huge difference to how you'll be r ... read more


18th February 2016
This is a public awareness note as we have had a LOT of dogs coming in with parvovirus recently. Treatment is VERY intensive, very expensive, and not always successful. A lot of owners had no idea a VACCINE IS READILY AVAILABLE, some didn't even know what parvo was, so we decided it was time to do ... read more


31st December 2015
While it's exciting and entertaining for us, for some dogs and cats Fireworks are a nightmare. FIREWORKS can elicit the same response as a storm or noise phobia, and logically it's probably because of the loud noise, and deep vibrations (after all, we have no idea how a dog or cat hears fireworks, ... read more

Feeding your dog while travelling and on holidays

12th December 2015
    Toxic foods your pets are likely to have access to especially over the Christmas break.    Some are culprits you'd never expect! If you're not sure, don't feed it! Keep things well out of reach as some pets are quite talented when it comes to getting what they want (with ... read more


3rd December 2015
In the clinic we see a lot of dogs that are really uncomfortable with their situation, from just being there, to us (complete strangers) invading their personal space, or finding that sore spot. A growl is a justified response to this situation, and is basically your dog saying 'I'm not comfortable ... read more

I'm Uncomfortable

28th October 2015
I wanted to share a picture with you showing classic calming signals that a dog gives when he is NOT comfortable. Please note all four signs in these pictures indicating that the dog is NOT enjoying this situation Licking the lips Showing the whites of his eyes Panting when not overheated Turn ... read more

Car Travel Dog

27th October 2015
It's that time of year when pets are likely to accompany families on holidays, so road trips are in order. However, not all animals enjoy car travel. It's probably safe to say that dogs tend to be much cooler about a road trip than cats :) But even dogs can get really upset about car travel! Signs ... read more


15th October 2015
If you're taking your dog swimming either at the beach, or they have access to a pool they should be supervised as children are. Swimming doesn't come naturally to all dogs and those with longer backs find it harder than others. In a pool they should be shown the exit or they can exhaust themselve ... read more

Storm Phobias

12th October 2015
A phobia is an irrational fear of something that is not harmful or injurous on it's own. Fear is a rational and life-saving response. For example, feeling fear when a lion is chasing you is normal, and a good response to have. Feeling fear when you see dark clouds in the sky is a phobia as the dark ... read more

Dog Washing

18th August 2015
photo credit   Most dogs need very little washing, with the exception of dogs with active skin disease (as they accumulate oils and are more predisposed to secondary infections and so need a wash to keep this under control).  Generally you shouldn't wash your dog more than once a week o ... read more

Gender Differences and Desexing Dogs

3rd August 2015
So this week we will look at the differences between male and female dogs, and the pros and cons of each. We will also look at the benefits and disadvantages of desexing. Bear in mind a lot of these statements are generalisations (based in science), but they can help you choose which sex is best fo ... read more

Hypothyroidism in Dogs

2nd July 2015
HYPOTHYROIDISM This disease is found commonly in dogs over 7 years of age and is rare in cats. It is the opposite of the HyperT covered previously, as in these animals have a lazy thryoid and low levels of circulating thyroxine. This means their metabolic rate slows down. Clinical signs can be any ... read more

What dog breed is right for me?

22nd June 2015
This week I thought we might cover some of the popular breeds and their pros and cons.  It's important that people consider their living circumstances, activity levels and general lifestyle when choosing a pet or the potential mismatch can result in unhappiness in both parties.Behavioural prob ... read more


21st May 2015
Separation anxiety is a very common anxiety and ranges from fairly mild to severe. Some people don't recognise it for what it is and can inadvertently worsen the anxiety through inappropriate responses and mismanagement. Here are some of the signs and next we will look at simple ways to help. So no ... read more