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Safe Summer Fun

7th February 2019

When the summer holidays finally arrive, families and their dogs love nothing more than heading out to the beaches, Dams and lakes for fun in the sun. However, are you aware of the dangers and potential risks in these areas – not only for you but also for your beloved family pet?

There’s no denying that you and your loved ones – furry friends included – will have the time of your lives at beaches, lakes, rivers, and even local swimming pools. After all, summer has arrived! While your dog will be equally as excited to be outdoors and enjoying time with you, it’s also all too easy to let them wander off, or not provide them with the essentials such as shelter and water.

While the aim is to do as little as possible, relax, and enjoy the company of your friends and
family, you still need to make sure you prepare your dog for any new experiences they may face, take care of their daily needs, and minimise risks – especially in public areas.

When you go to the beach with your dog, there are several things that may not be hazardous to you, but can be potentially fatal for your dog. For example, jellyfsh, snakes, and stingers are all prevalent in Australia and are something that can pique the curiosity of your pooch with disastrous results.

What’s more, stagnant pools of water can pose a severe health risk to your dog, as can any chemically-treated water or items that wash up on the beach. When you plan on spending the day at the beach, make sure you can see what your dog is doing at all times and ensure they have clean, fresh drinking water.

If you’ve decided to make the most of the warmer weather and head out boating, choosing to take your dog along should be a decision you don’t make lightly. Dogs who aren’t familiar with watercraft, or who have nervous temperaments, may not enjoy the experience. Therefore, before you begin planning your boat journey, think about how your dog will cope.

If you are sure that your dog will be more than confident with boats, be sure to think about their health and safety for the duration of the trip. Harness them into the boat to ensure they don’t jump or fall off and provide plenty of shade and fresh water as well. You may even find it helpful to invest in dog sunscreen to protect their noses and sensitive skin.

The summer holidays can be a fun time for all, but if you plan on including your dog, make sure you cater to their daily requirements and supervise them adequately. Consult your vet for help and advice on how best to prepare your dog for the warmer months and outdoor activities.