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Preventative Care

Taking care of your pet's teeth could save their life

16th November 2021
When was the last time you looked in your pet's mouth? Failure to consider their oral health may have consequences. Even though bad breath and tartar-covered teeth may not seem like a big deal, they can lead to serious health conditions.  Good oral health is just as important for your pet as i ... read more

Keep Your Pet In Tip Top Shape

18th April 2018
Many pet owners do not consider avoidable risks and hazards to their pets ahead of time. Prevention is less traumatic and less costly than treatment. Here are a few basic steps that you as a pet owner, can take to keep your pets healthy and reduce the need for interventional treatment. 1. See your ... read more

Protecting your Pets in Winter

30th June 2016
It’s that time of year when the town is crispy fresh with the morning frost and many of its folk have a daily battle with the snooze button on the alarm! Have you noticed that your pet’s behaviour may also change in winter? We notice quite a few changes in the clinic as the animals adapt to thi ... read more


13th October 2015
Overheating is common in the Summer, and the silly part is that it's easily prevented! We most often see heatstroke affected animals on overly hot days, who have had either a lack of access to shade or shelter, a lack of available water, or been confined to a hot and/or humid environment. Or all of ... read more

Paralysis Ticks and Preventative Treatment

23rd September 2015
This is a picture of the female Paralysis Tick (Ixodes Holocyclus). Only the female is toxic and they are found coastally along the east coast of Australia.  They have evolved alongside a lot of the native animals in Australia, and as a result they are often quite resistant to the tick to ... read more

What do we vaccinate against?

9th June 2015
The C3 core dog vaccine contains antigens for Parvovirus, Infectious Hepatits and Distemper. While we don't see Distemper or Hepatitis, commonly Parvo is still very prevalent. All these diseases are very serious with a high mortality and/or ongoing problems throughout life. The C5 dog vaccine conta ... read more