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Pet Proofing your Home

9th March 2023
Just as parents ‘childproof’ their home, so should pet owners ‘petproof’ theirs. Four-legged members of the family, like infants and small children, are naturally curious and love to explore their environment with their paws, claws and mouths. But they can’t know what ... read more

Hints For Pain Free Calving

13th July 2021
Calving season has kicked off with a bang this year and with a lot of small, but now fat, drought heifers due to give birth in the coming weeks here are some handy reminders for this calving season. Signs of imminent calving can include: separation from the rest of the herd, kicking at the belly, t ... read more

Pet safety around slug and snail bait

8th April 2021
Right about now, Australian gardeners are arming themselves with bait, getting ready to stop snails and slugs in their tracks. While this is one of the most effective ways to take care of these pesky creatures, it’s essential to make sure you’ve got your pets’ safety in mind. Slug ... read more

How to make your pet happy

10th July 2020
Every pet has five welfare needs, which you should aspire to fulfil to the best of your ability. Environment - Providing a suitable place to live. Diet - Supplying the best food for your pet, and the right amount. Behaviour - Letting your pet behave normally and naturally. Company - Providing co ... read more

An Animal's Grief

10th March 2020
The loss of a family pet can be devastating, but it’s often not only you mourning the loss. Everyone knows how hard it is to lose a beloved family pet, but while you try to come to terms with your loss, don’t forget to look out for your other pets. They can be grieving too. Signs of gr ... read more

Fit for Fish

4th October 2019
You might think a goldfish’s diet is all flakes and no fun, but you can spice up your fish food in more ways than you think.Goldfish are a favourite household pet in Australia, requiring minimal care when you compare them to a domestic dog or cat. However, many people are getting it wrong when ... read more

Preparing for your vet visit

18th March 2019
Vets have seen it all. Dogs knocking over display stands, cats meowing and hissing, and genuinely terrified animals who aren’t sure where they are or why they’re there. A vet visit can be daunting for any owner and pet, but it can also be positive too. To make sure your trip to the vet goes as ... read more

Bringing your fish out of its shell

25th February 2019
Fish ownership, while declining in Australia, can be rewarding, but it can also be frustrating. A common problem is shy fish, but you may not know what to do about it. Find out below some hints for bringing your fish out of its shell. Sometimes, there is more to the perfect aquarium setup than just ... read more

Snuggling up for Winter

18th June 2018
While winter in Australia can often be milder than in other parts of the world, snowfall and low temperatures are still on their way. While you rug up for the colder weather, how are your cats and dogs keeping warm? Remember, staying warm is equally as crucial for them as it is for you. Your pets ... read more

Holiday pet care options

19th December 2017
School’s out for several weeks over summer and many families pack up and head off on holidays for a week or two during this period. It can be challenging to work out how to best look after your pets while you’re away but there are a number of options to choose from. An ideal option is to ta ... read more

Wot a Lotta Axolotl

26th September 2017
The Axolotl or ‘Mexican Walking Fish’ is a rather strange looking amphibian that makes a fascinating pet. Most amphibians, such as frogs, have a life cycle that involves the development of eggs into a larval stage (tadpole), then on to adult form (frog), which can survive on land and in the wat ... read more

Supporting your arthritic pet in winter

25th July 2017
Older pets often suffer from arthritis, or degenerative joint disease. Signs that your dog or cat is experiencing such pain include a limp when rising, reluctance to jump or climb stairs and difficulty using the litter box. Arthritis is often worse during winter, but there are things you can do to ... read more

The Gift of Fostering

25th July 2016
Animals often need temporary homes until they find their forever homes or to recover from illness or injury. We are exceptionally fortunate in Armidale to have many very active and very successful foster care programs, from the smallest of our wildlife and companion animals to the largest of horses ... read more