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Bringing your fish out of its shell

25th February 2019

Fish ownership, while declining in Australia, can be rewarding, but it can also be frustrating. A common problem is shy fish, but you may not know what to do about it. Find out below some hints for bringing your fish out of its shell.

Sometimes, there is more to the perfect aquarium setup than just making sure the pH levels are correct, the water temperature is just so, and the filtration system is working how it should. Sometimes, your décor and choice of species are why you have a shy fsh on your hands.

Before you bring your fish home from the pet shop, it’s always a good idea to do a little research on the breed and its preferences. Some fish swim in schools, so when separated and kept on their own, they don’t feel safe in their surroundings. If you realised too late that you don’t have a large enough school or one at all, then you may need to head back to the shop for more fish.

If you’re tired of your fish hiding in every nook and cranny, then you can combat the problem with more hiding spaces. It might seem like it’s adding fuel to the fire, but the more safe places you can provide your fish, the more likely they are to venture out and swim around for your viewing pleasure.

If you love decorating, then ?exing your creative muscles can beneft your shy scaly friend. If you put them into a big tank with minimal coverage, they will feel entirely exposed – just like if you don’t put blinds on your windows in a busy neighbourhood. Fish feel vulnerable, and it can end up compromising their immune system

Shy fish are unhappy fish, but it can often be an easy fix. Decorate your tank and notice the difference to their wellbeing.