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The Gift of Fostering

25th July 2016

Animals often need temporary homes until they find their forever homes or to recover from illness or injury. We are exceptionally fortunate in Armidale to have many very active and very successful foster care programs, from the smallest of our wildlife and companion animals to the largest of horses, all working together to give these animals a new start to a better life!

Volunteer foster parents provide temporary homes for animals who are not yet ready to be released or await a permanent home and to help them recover from surgery, medicate for an illness or to work with them to help improve their behaviour.

For many foster parents, the single biggest concern is falling in love, especially if they already have pets at home! Why not just keep all the foster animals? While admirable, it is not always the best thing. If you adopt a pet that you are fostering, you might have reached your limit of household pets and may not be able to accept any others. This means one less foster home for the programs to rely on.

Whilst it can be very difficult to let go once you have become emotionally attached to an animal, remember that they are now much more likely to find a loving, permanent home because of your help.

If being a foster carer might appeal to you, please contact us, and we can help point you in the direction of the many active animal care volunteers that we are SO lucky to have in Armidale. A BIG thank you to you all!