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Fit for Fish

4th October 2019

You might think a goldfish’s diet is all flakes and no fun, but you can spice up your fish food in more ways than you think.

Goldfish are a favourite household pet in Australia, requiring minimal care when you compare them to a domestic dog or cat. However, many people are getting it wrong when it comes to feeding time; a scattering of flakes once a day isn’t the best feeding approach.

It’s important to give your goldfish a varied diet to ensure they always receive the right nutrients to be healthy. To keep things interesting for them, include all three food types: dry food, live or freeze-dried food, and a selection of vegetables.

Feed your fish specialised flakes and granules as the basis of their diet; then mix it up a bit with shrimp, vegetable mixes from your local pet store, and daphnia (aquatic crustaceans). Duckweed, algae, lettuce, and cooked or softened peas are also a nutritious and welcome addition

Goldfish can suffer from digestive problems, so ensure you soak freeze-dried food first, keep vegetables natural and soft by boiling, and thaw frozen goldfish food.

Over feeding is a common problem, if you think you might be feeding them too much, there are ways to tell. Look out for excess waste, uneaten food, dirty water, and fish that don’t look healthy.

Feeding a small amount two to three times a day is better than one large serving. Feed your fish only as much as they can eat in two minutes or less, or about the size of their eye.

When temperatures fall below eight degrees, limit feeding. They are less able to digest food when the water is colder.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding fish care and feeding, please talk to us.