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What do we vaccinate against?

9th June 2015

The C3 core dog vaccine contains antigens for Parvovirus, Infectious Hepatits and Distemper. While we don't see Distemper or Hepatitis, commonly Parvo is still very prevalent. All these diseases are very serious with a high mortality and/or ongoing problems throughout life.

The C5 dog vaccine contains the C3 component plus both components of Kennel Cough.

The F3 core cat vaccine contains antigens for Herpes, Calicivirus and Panleucopaenia virus. The first two are responsible for cat flu whilst the Panleucopaenia is the equivalent of cat parvo.

An added component to the F3 is Chlamydia which makes an F4. This organism also produces flu symptoms with chunky conjunctivitis.

Other vaccines that are optional include Lepto and Coronavirus for dogs and FIV and Leukaemiavirus for cats.