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Fun & games for your pets

10th January 2020

When you’re running around trying to keep everyone occupied and entertained during the school holidays, it can be easy to forget your pets. They also need stimulation and attention to keep them out of trouble. A bored dog is one that barks, chews, digs, and creates chaos. A few simple, fun holiday games can make a world of difference to your dog’s day, while keeping any destructive behaviour in check.

Obstacle course

Get the kids involved in the creation of an obstacle course. Use large boxes for dogs to crawl through, a chair to jump on, and barriers for them to climb over. With encouragement and treats, your pooch will use all their energy to master the course.

Hide and seek

Think your dog is not smart enough for hide and seek? Give it a try! Place their favourite treats and toys around the house and help them discover them. Make some easy to find, but include a few challenges as well.

New tricks

The often quoted proverb, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, isn’t really true. Older dogs can learn new tricks, but it may take them a little longer than puppies. Consider teaching them some firm favourites such as shake, roll over, and fetch.

Food puzzles

If you want your dog to play quietly by themselves, then invest in food puzzles that match their intelligence level. Many different options at local pet stores can keep your dog entertained for hours.

In amongst all the festive excitement, it’s important to involve your pets as much as possible. Treat them to some fun holiday games that will stimulate them both mentally and physically.