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Is it time for a diet?

11th February 2019

If your pampered pooch is beginning to look a little podgy after one too many treats, it might be time for a diet.

While helping your overweight dog to lose weight at any time of the year is essential, it’s even more so in summer. An overweight dog has an additional layer of insulation which can be troublesome for body temperature regulation. This, coupled with health problems such as bone and ligament damage, heart issues, and decreased quality of life, makes putting your dog on a diet all the more critical.

How do I know my dog Is overweight?
Overlooking your dog’s growing stomach can be easy. After all, every dog breed differs in size. However, there are ways to ascertain whether your dog is carrying a little extra than they should be.

Run your hands over their ribs and backbone. If you can’t feel their bones easily, it may be a sign that your dog is overweight. A sagging stomach can also be a tell-tale sign, as is the lack of curves between their hips and rib cage. If you’re not sure what the ideal weight is for your dog, book in for a check-up with your vet.

How can I help my dog to lose weight?
There are several ways you can help your dog to shed a few kilos and get their summer bod. Firstly, always remember to include regular exercise in their routine. Just like in humans, exercise burns calories. If you already take them for walks, try to extend the length, or include
fun activities at home such as fetch.

Alongside exercise, be aware of food intake. If your furry friend indulges in table scraps regularly, it might be time to stop. Instead, try vet-approved dog food. Treats should also only be an “occasional” food, rather than a regular part of their mealtime. If your pampered pooch still likes a tidbit every now and again, consider natural alternatives such as frozen sardines or sweet potato.

Some people may also fnd it benefcial to consult their vet about how much they need to feed their dog. If you’re feeding them kibble, pay attention to the recommended portion size and use a measuring cup as opposed to guesswork.

Putting your pet on a diet can be hard work, but it’s worth it for a happy and healthy dog.
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