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Helping your elderly pets through winter

20th June 2019

As you load on the layers to make it through another winter, are you sparing a thought for your ageing pets? Help them battle the cold too.

Even though winter in Australia can be relatively mild, it’s still important to take care of your ageing pets as they may feel the cold more than most. If you haven’t already taken steps to make them more comfortable with the sudden temperature drop, then now’s an excellent time to start.

Begin by letting your dog wear a coat when you take them for a walk. Your pooch may have fur, but they are getting older and sometimes need a little extra. For elderly cats, make sure they have access to plenty of warm sleeping spots inside and outside your home. However, to be on the safe side, put fireguards up against heaters and fireplaces to stop them getting too close!

When it comes to sleeping arrangements, consider your pet’s need for comfort as well as warmth. Give them more blankets, (which should be washed regularly), and consider investing in heated memory foam pads that help ease stiff, older joints. Elevated beds may stop any draughts from causing discomfort too. If your dog sleeps outside, as many do, make sure their
kennel has plenty of insulation, with warm, dry blankets, and is out of harsh weather conditions. The more shelter you can give them, the better it is for their comfort and health

Arthritis is a common problem older pets face, and it can take its toll in colder weather.
Consider making an appointment with us to talk about your options regarding care. They may recommend a supplement such as Omega 3 fatty acid, a course of injections for improving severe arthritis cases, or medication for in?ammation.

Finally, colder weather can keep you and your pets indoors a lot more, so make an effort to provide stimulation for your pets to avoid boredom. There are many puzzles, games, and activities available to keep your furry friends active, but out of trouble while they spend more time inside.

Most importantly, however, be considerate of your ageing pet’s needs. As soon as you begin to feel cold, consider that your pet might be too.