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8th July 2016

Fancy a Holiday?

It is the winter school holiday season for many fortunate folk! Embarking on a road trip with your furry friends or leaving them behind can be stressful – but it doesn’t have to be. Asking the right questions and knowing what is important to you can help you decide on the right options for you and your pet.

Road Trip!

Just like you, the safety of your pet in the car is compromised if they are not adequately restrained. Sadly, hundreds of animals are injured and killed in Australia as a result of falling from a moving vehicle. There are a number of devices available to restrain animals comfortably and safely during travel, for example a correct car harness that secures dogs to seat belts. Take care to avoid placing your pet in passenger seats where direct airbag inflation can cause harm. It is vital to ensure your pets have enough ventilation during travel and regular stops for hydration and toilet breaks when travelling longer distances. It only takes a moment to secure your furry family member properly, but it can make a significant difference to both your safety and theirs!

Some pets are also very anxious travelers or can suffer from motion sickness. Your veterinarian can help to arrange strategies and necessary medication to help alleviate these problems.

A Home Away From Home

There’s no place like home but if it can come close, you’ll be able to go on your trip knowing your pet is safe and sound.

There are many options now available for animals staying home for the holidays. Boarding facilities like kennels and catteries can be great options for animals that are well socialised around other animals and adapt well. Some pets can be accustomed to longer boarding stays by first boarding them during a short trip, like a weekend away. This allows you to work out any difficulties before boarding them for an extended period. Some facilities allow you to bring your own food and items from home like bedding to make your pets stay more homely. Some pets may be better candidates for an in-house pet sitter. Older animals or those suffering anxiety in new surrounds or behavioural difficulties around new animals may appreciate the surrounds of home whilst you are away. A sitter is also a good option if your pet suffers from mobility problems or have diseases that require close observation and management.

We have a list of all above facilities in clinic, feel free to contact the clinic if this may be of assistance to you.