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Eastern Longneck Turtles

22nd October 2015

It's that time of year again when we see Eastern Longneck Turtles traversing the land in search for new homes. This adventure often puts them in the path of cars as they (slowly) cross the roads, especially after rain.

Please!! look out for them, they are a native species and essential to the health of the waterways. If you see one on the road, try to safely pull over and gently carry them to the side they are heading for. Be aware sometimes they'll wee when picked up so be watchful for a squirt from the back end! Also wash your hands after handling any reptiles as they can carry bacteria that doesn't harm them, but harms us if we eat it.

If you find one that has been hurt, you can take it to a vet clinic. As long as they have no major internal injuries, they can sometimes have their shells glued back together and make a fine recovery.