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The Appeal of Rodents

12th November 2018

There’s no denying that cats and dogs are the most popular household pets, but what about the understated rat or mouse? Here’s why introducing a pet rodent into your home could be the right move to make.

Clean and tidy
Contrary to what you’ve probably been led to believe, mice and rats are exceptionally clean animals. While you do need to clean out their cage on a regular basis, they are known to prefer a tidy setting and do all they can to keep it that way. You can train them to use a litter box or a specific corner of their cage, and they are also finicky groomers as well.

Just like a dog, you can train a rat to carry out particular tasks. Such is their intelligence that rats have long been used in psychological testing. You can teach them to solve puzzles, perform tricks, learn obstacle courses and even run in mazes. Therefore, rats can provide no end of entertainment.

While it might be hard to believe, rats and mice – but rats in particular – are very loving creatures. They may not play the most heart-warming roles in horror movies, but they are genuinely affectionate animals. They are quite happy to nestle into the crook of your arm while you watch TV, or cuddle into the sleeves of your jersey. In essence, they can play the role of a cat very well.

Dogs bark, cat’s meow, but rats and mice make very little sound at all. If your neighbours are close by, owning a quiet pet can preserve your neighbourly relationships. Rats and mice scuffle around their cage and make the occasional squeaking sound, but that’s typically the extent of their din. If you’d prefer a silent pet as opposed to one that keeps you awake with barking, then it might be time to consider adopting a mouse or rat