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Bunnies aren't an Easter gift

March 15th 2016

Author: Sarah Butler

With Easter coming up, rabbits move into the spotlight a bit with all the cutesy photos and their appeal skyrockets.

However, like all pets, rabbits still require time and commitment. They are social animals (they do live in families in their natural environment) that require attention, care, interaction and stimulation. It's NOT ok to keep them cage-bound and forgotten down the bottom of the yard, any more than it's ok to leave a dog on a chain 24/7 with little more than a bowl of food and water for company.

If you'd like to know what's required for rabbit care, please call us and talk to Lucy, or see our article on rabbits as pets.

If you are thinking of buying for someone else the usual rules apply: Do they WANT a pet? Can they care for a pet long term (work/holiday/lifestyle commitments)? Is it an appropriate gift?
If the answer is yes, or you are keen on owning a rabbit yourself, the local RSPCA has some available for adoption, or the rescue sanctuary in Grafton is another option.