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Apiam Animal Health Acquisition

1st March 2022

We have been servicing the Armidale and New England regions since 2004 and remain a trusted and respected provider for veterinary services to our local community.

The practice has grown from a sole charge clinic to one now employing 6 vets and the only clinic in the area able to provide animal care to all species 7 days/week. This comes with its own set of challenges. Recruitment in the industry is becoming increasingly difficult, more so for regional and rural clinics. And the smaller clinics are suffering the most. The width and depth of knowledge needed in mixed animal practice is almost insurmountable and can no longer be provided by a single  vet (even James Herriott).

As we are absolutely committed to Armidale and the district, we have made a decision to join with Apiam Animal Health thereby ensuring the ongoing delivery of dedicated veterinary services now and into the future as well as our support for local charities and organisations.

The only difference is a change of ownership of the practice. North Hill Veterinary Clinic has become a fully owned part of Apiam Animal Health. We remain a strong and growing team of veterinary professionals, the same team of friendly faces dedicated to providing you and your animals the very best care.

There will be no changes to our current ambulatory and general veterinary services or scheduled travel days to regions. Our current business details will also remain the same for invoicing and payment to ensure no disruption to our current partnership with your business.

Apiam is one of Australia's leading regional veterinary businesses and we are very excited to be on board with this company who share the same values and commitments as the North Hill Veterinary Clinic team. We remain committed to providing the best care for our clients and patients, as well as continuing our support our local community.

We thank our wonderful clients for their support and assure you our team, as always, is committed to partnering with you in your animal health needs. To find out more about Apiam visit their website at

The Team at North Hill Veterinary Clinic