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Are you on top of your cat's dental health?

18th February 2021

While we’re busy focusing on plenty of pats, cuddles, toys, and food, it’s easy to miss dental problems.

Every day, your feline friends use their teeth for eating, grooming, hunting, biting, and more. It goes without saying that such a heavily-used feature can be at risk of problems from any age.

HALITOSIS - A common complaint from cat owners is bad breath. Halitosis can signify a range of problems, such as an infected mass or periodontal disease. It can also be a side effect of serious conditions like kidney disease or diabetes.

PERIODONTAL DISEASE - Out of all health issues, periodontal disease is the number one medical condition diagnosed in cats. This condition starts as tartar and plaque build-up that spreads below the gum line and causes inflammation and infection. It can then lead to tooth loss.

TOOTH RESORPTION - While periodontal disease is common, it’s not the only oral health concern that cats face. Tooth resorption affects up to three-quarters of cats over the age of five.

This condition occurs when, for unknown reasons, the cat’s body begins breaking down the dentin in their teeth. It can occur in one tooth or more, and requires extraction to alleviate pain and discomfort.

STOMATITIS - Stomatitis is a common oral health condition, but that doesn’t make it any less comfortable for your four-legged friend! This condition causes ulceration or inflammation of gum, cheek, and tongue tissue lining.

Look out for reddened, inflamed mouths, a loss of appetite, and discomfort at having their mouth touched. The best response to stomatitis is surgical cleaning and removal of the affected teeth and tissue.

FRACTURESA - Fractured tooth can result in painful root exposure − not to mention facial swelling, infection, and abscesses. A trip to the vet is necessary for extraction or root canals.

Has it been some time since your cat has had a check-up? Make a booking with your local vet clinic today, and stay on top of your feline friend’s oral health.