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Essential Equipment - Cat Carrier

1st November 2016

Something every cat owner needs to own is a cat carrier!

It really is an essential piece of equipment for both the safety of you and your cat.

Sometimes you don't know you need one until you have to take your cat to a vet and then it can be quite difficult to find something appropriate at short notice so it's good to be prepared.

Getting your cat used to a cat carrier is also really important. Imagine if Fluffy only ever gets put in a carrier to go on scary car rides to the vet. It's no wonder they are apprehensive about them! Leave your carrier in a spot in the house and let your cat explore at its own leisure, feed them their dinner inside or place treats or toys in there. You can also get a pheromone spray called Feliway to make it inviting and calming for your cat.

Make it a happy place for your cat. This way when you absolutely have to use it for travel, you won't have the almighty chase around the house which is stressful for all involved.

There are many types of carriers on the market so here is a break down to help you choose.
Firstly, there are the ones that only open at the front. They are often bolted together and difficult to take apart. Cats are often fearful when approached from the front and this can make it dangerous for all involved.

The next option is one that opens from the front but has easy to remove latches holding the two halves together. This means you can lift the top off and sometimes a whole exam can be conducted with the cat still in the safety of its carrier.

The next one also has a top opening section to allow more flexibility.

Then there are the cloth carriers often with a wide variety of bits that open here, there and everywhere. These can be useful, but often cats can feel a bit banged around without rigid walls to keep them safe.

Finally, you can get cages that only open at the top, more like a picnic basket. There are some made of wire tops and plastic bottoms. If made of plastic, there is less of a view to scary things outside which helps the kitty relax.

Try not to leave this decision until the last minute because it can make life so much easier and safer for you and your pussy cat.