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Ins and outs of a cat door

11th May 2020

If you’re tired of being your cat’s personal doorman, then consider whether it might be time for a pet door.

Most people know that cats aren’t the most decisive species in the animal kingdom. Often, you let your cat outside, only for it to return through another door or window immediately after. If you’re tired of opening doors and windows for your furry friend, then a cat door could be worth your consideration.

TWO-WAY - Two-way cat doors are the most common and are often all a pet owner needs to satisfy their cat. You can leave them open for your cat to come and go, or close them so they
can’t exit or enter. They are also one of the more affordable cat doors for sale.

FOUR-WAY - If you want more options this door may suit both you and your cat more. With a four-way cat door, you can keep it closed, open, or with restricted access either in or out. These are excellent for owners who want to allow cats to leave during the night, but not to come back in and disturb them.

MAGNETIC - Many pet owners don’t like the idea of a cat door because it encourages every cat to come in with yours. Before long, you’re feeding the entire feline neighbourhood. A magnetic pet door works with your cat’s collar, providing access for your pet and yours alone.

MICROCHIP - Cats are notorious for losing collars, so this is where the microchip cat door proves most popular. It reads your cat’s unique microchip to provide access only for your cat and not for their friends.

You’ll be amazed at the advancements that have been made in the world of pet access.
Talk to your local vet about the best cat door for your needs.