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Is your cat a night owl?

20th November 2020

A cat storming around the house in the middle of the night is no pet owner’s idea of fun. How can you keep your cat on your schedule, not theirs?

Cats commonly display crepuscular behaviour, which means they’re more active during low light – such as at dusk and dawn. They may dart around the house and play with toys, or try and engage with their owners through pouncing, nibbling, and scratching.

While these are natural cat behaviours, they’re not the most conveniently timed ones. How on earth are you supposed to sleep soundly when your cat’s a night owl?

A trip to your local vet can rule out medical causes such as thyroid disease, pain, or glandular issues. You can then work on your feeding routine and daily play. The goal is to adjust the times when they’re the most active.ow on earth are you supposed to sleep soundly when your cat’s a night owl?

Feeding smaller meals more often may reduce the number of times your cat wakes you for a snack during the night. Consider a small amount in the early evening, then a little more when you’re getting ready for bed.

You can also make mealtimes more fun and active by hiding dry food in paper bags, toilet rolls, and with their toys around the house. Working for their food can use up some of their pent-up energy.

Plenty of play in the early evening can also help to meet some of your cat’s social and behavioural needs. The more interaction they get the more tired and contented they’ll be.

Pet  owners  can  also  try  tools  such  as  scratching  posts,  hiding  areas,  safe  toys,  and jungle gyms. The more they have to keep them entertained – whether you’re home or not – the more they can keep themselves happy and busy without disturbing you.

Cats are naturally more active at night, but a few modifications to their routine and the addition  of  fun  activities  may  just  be  the  answer.  If  you  suspect  a  medical  problem  may  be  contributing,  consult  us here at North Hill Vet for advice.