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19th October 2017

Here is another great reminder about the importance of microchips.

Someone brought in a cat in October 2017 after noticing it hanging around for a few weeks. We scanned for a chip and found one, looked up the details and found a Walcha address. Thinking the owner must have moved, Lucy called the number. Turns out she does live in Walcha and she has been missing for months!

Somehow, little Billie made it all the way to Armidale from Walcha on her own. You may think your cat doesn't leave your front yard but they are curious creatures and sometimes explore cars which can end up anywhere (North Hill Vet's cat Charlie has gone home with Craig in the clinic car once or twice by accident).

The one sure way of making sure they come back to you, wherever they end up, is via up-to-date microchip details. Billie is heading home to her mum today who is just so rapt to have her back. A big thank you as well to the man who brought Billie into the clinic, and to him and his little boy for looking after her while she was so far from home.