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Moving House with a Cat

12th January 2017

If you’re planning a move, you should definitely take time to think about how this will affect your cat.

Cats are territorial creatures and can find moving a very stressful experience. There are however, a few things you can do to make sure puss has an easy transition.

The Journey

You want to make your cat as comfortable as possible whilst travelling to your new location. Ask your vet what a suitable distance is to do this yourself. You may need to have the cat  transported by professionals if the distance is too long.

To keep your pet comfortable you will need a suitable cat carrier. Fill it with a familiar smelling blanket, favourite toys and a little treat food.

Most cats dislike travelling and will often be on edge and meowing a lot. To help keep them calm, try reassuring them by talking to them along the way. And don’t be surprised if they leave you a little treat to clean up too!

The New Place

When you get to your new address, make sure the place is closed up tight, as cats will find any kind of exit, even fireplaces and high windows. Keep noise to a minimum once you let them loose. They will be scared of unfamiliar noises but also want to be stereotypically “curious” and explore every nook and cranny.

Prepare ONE room for your cat with some food and water; this gives them a good beginning  territory.  Put a familiar bed in there too, with toys and litter as they won’t be going outside for at least a week.

Depending on your situation and the age of the cat you may need more or less time inside, but definitely ask your vet for their professional opinion.

While inside, you can encourage your cat to explore the rest of the house comfortably by putting a little bit of dry food in the corners of some rooms.

Your cat will beg to go outside, but don’t give in as they might try and go back to your old location, get lost, fall or even come across an aggressive cat, so definitely stick to your guns.

A good tip is to get to know your new neighbours and their animals. When you do decide to let them out, do it in the morning and monitor them as much as possible.