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5th January 2017

We are a thriving mixed practice located in the heart of the New England – Armidale NSW.

This practice has grown from its sole Vet origins, because of a dedication to detail, a high level of veterinary care, terrific staff, and a continuing personal connection and rapport with clients. We presently employ 3 full time vets (1 purely Small Animal and the other 2 Mixed), but are looking to add on another 1, possibly 2 vets.

The employment hours could be tailored to suit the right applicant, with part-time employment considered. Presently the vets work a 4 day week and share afterhours. Going forward After Hours would be shared on a 1-in-4 or 1-in-6 basis, as we will be working together with another clinic in town. Wages will be paid above Award (and commensurate with experience) and will involve AH Retainer Fee as well as part Professional Fees, Study leave, etc -in accord with Veterinary Industry Guidelines.

New graduates are welcome to apply.

Ideally we are interested in a genuine Mixed Practitioner and/or someone with an Equine interest.

The Large Animal component is at least 25-30% and comprises mainly cattle, horses, sheep, alpacas and goats. There is a strong Equine component in this area with NEGS housing 70+ horses last year for use within their school. There are also Eventing, Cutting, Dressage, Racing and Breeders, as well as Stockhorses and General Pleasure horses. This is an area we would really like to develop, if the right person came on board. Our Cattle vet is Fully accredited with VBBSE and NCPD and willing to train someone in this area.

The Small Animal component involves companion animals, working dogs, pocket pets (more and more), birds, RSPCA and Council rehoming work, as well as Wildlife assessment.

Our team are all very self motivated, professional, and highly skilled in both medicine and surgery. There is good team communication and back-up, and we consider this an essential quality in any applicant. Our support staff consists of a dedicated Receptionist, 3 full-time Vet Nurses, and several casual trainee Nurses.

We do have the necessary equipment to enable us to offer a high level of care, and are aware of the constant need to improve, and progress with this. We have a portable X-ray machine, in-house X-ray machine, Digital X-ray processor, IM3 dental unit and scaler, 2 anaesthetic machines, Ap-alert, Pulse-Ox, BP monitor, IV fluid pumps, Vetscan in-house Biochem unit, Microscopes and Orthopaedic Surgical equipment. This year we will also be purchasing a new ultrasound for both SA and Equine use.

We see a wide variety of medical cases, unusual conditions and surgeries. Mostly we solve them in-house but do happily refer, when needed and/or liase with other specialist clinics when presented with a more difficult case.

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Armidale is a vibrant country town with a University (UNE), large agriculture Research business (Invetus formerly known as VHR) and a multitude of schools, culture learning and sports opportunities. Armidale is halfway between Sydney and Brisbane and can boast daily flights to either.

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I could talk for ages on the beautiful area of Armidale, or about my wonderful team at North Hill Vet Clinic, of whom I am so proud, OR on how excited I am about this next stage in the clinics progression, but it could become boring to some so…..IF YOU are interested…

Dr Sarah Butler

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