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Practice Update Autumn 2020

25th May 2020

Well, where to start? Drought, fires, Covid-19 and a Parvo outbreak. We sure are living the dream here at North Hill Vet Clinic.

Like everyone, Coronavirus and lockdown threw us some curveballs. Deemed an essential service, we are committed to providing ongoing care to your animals, albeit in slightly changed circumstances.

Our staff and client health and well-being are paramount, and as such we have reduced access to our building, aiming for no more than one client inside at any one time.

We also have a ‘sneeze screen’ on the reception desk and have set up an ‘air-lock’ room at the rear of the building, which some of you may remember as a grooming room in days gone-by. This room can be used for drop-off and collection of patients and products with no direct contact.

We are also able to do animal and food/medication pickups and delivery if need be. Some services that may be rescheduled to a later date include grooming, nail trims, pre-purchase exams and health checks.

Well timed rain in the Summer/Autumn period saw a nice rebound in paddock coverage, and with it came grass seeds lodged in pets’ eyes, noses, ears, armpits, paws and, ahem, even vulvas! We’ll be retrieving them for some time to come, although sometimes, try as we might, they remain elusive and difficult to locate.

Parvo has reared its very ugly head on top of everything else, striking down puppies and adult dogs, in town and on properties.

Vaccination is the ONLY effective way to prevent this disease, and in the face of an outbreak, it is imperative that we follow the World Small Animal Vet Association recommendations of 3 vaccines for puppies, finishing at 16 weeks followed by annual boosters.

In all cases we have seen, there has been an incomplete or non-existent vaccination history. Please speak to us about your individual animal needs.