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Practice Update Spring 2020

21st September 2020

The past few weeks has seen us undertake some internal clinic renovations.

Our thanks go out to Brad Farrell for his painting expertise and the ability to work around our unpredictable work schedules. Bit by bit we’ve said farewell to the crazy colours of the 80’s, and welcomed a more uniform, calming “greyology”. Haynes Paints have been great for supply chain and matching random coloured bits that come off with old Blutack, etc.

A shout out to Choice’s Flooring for our new vinyl. Yes, they created noise and dust, but they worked like Trojans, and also were very considerate in working around our clinic needs.

We’ve said farewell to our old reception desk, and bottle neck, at the front door. David, at Barniers Office Furniture, delivered a shiny new one.

Thank you all for your patience over this time – we know at times it’s been disruptive for appointments. We are now pretty much back to normal in these oddly abnormal times.