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The roles of a Vet Nurse

17th May 2017

Lucy, Jess, and Zoe are the veterinary Nurses at North Hill Vet Clinic. Vet Nursing is a highly skilled and varied profession. Many people are unaware of the full role of a Vet Nurse as they mainly only see them at the counter or speak with the on the phone.

Vet nurses are knowledgeable on a wide range of products and pet health concerns, from preventative medications through to behavioural issues. Almost every day questions can be answered by a nurse and even if they are unsure, they will take a detailed assessment to decide who can best answer your query. Vet nurses are often required to assist in your consult to safely restrain your pet. Nurses are often the ones who console owner’s grief or help them manage the financial aspects of veterinary treatment.

These are the things that are very visible to clients but there is so much more! Out the back the nurse can draw blood and run tests, insert IV catheter and monitor IV fluids, take x-rays and process them. They are the ones monitoring the anaesthetic of your pet, taking their vitals and keeping them stable through surgery.

They are also the ones who get your pet through recovery after surgery and keep them warm and safe while they wake up. Not only that but they are responsible for the smooth running of the clinic, ordering and cleanliness and hygiene. A great clinic cannot run without a full complement of team members be they vet, nurse, receptionist or anyone else.